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Three Custom Home Building Trends to Watch Throughout 2023 – and Beyond

Two months into 2023, Florida remains one of the country’s most popular areas for new home construction. And, despite concerns about a slowdown in our state’s housing market, nearly 10 homes are being designed and built for every 1,000 residents – far above the national average – according to a recent study released by an Oregon-based real estate firm.  

Whether you’re a longtime resident or you’ve just moved to the Suncoast, the custom home you decide to design and bring to life should be the perfect blend of innovative features and timeless style. In fact, there are several home building trends to keep an eye on throughout 2023 – trends that are likely to stay popular long after this year. Our team at Lee Wetherington Homes has incorporated many of these concepts into our incomparable custom homes, designs which not only last a lifetime but can even enhance resale value. Here are three trends to watch throughout 2023 and consider for your new build. 

Placing an emphasis on private spaces

Modern designed office space.Open floor plans became the norm beginning in the 1990s and, for decades, have remained a popular design, in various forms, within custom homes. However, many homebuyers – including our customers – yearn for quiet, secluded spaces. Nationwide, the coronavirus pandemic exemplified a need for peaceful studies, tucked-away primary suites and more. With children in class over Zoom and parents’ offices moved to the kitchen island or dining room table, privacy came at a premium.  

Open concepts in areas such as breathtaking great rooms and broad kitchens are still extremely “in” and functional. But a contemporary-styled study off the entryway, closed off with metal-framed sliding glass doors and installed with lighting perfect for productivity, is an instance of this emphasis on seclusion. The Turnberry is an excellent example of how to implement this trend.  

An innovative, green generation of buyers

The Suncoast has become a multigenerational melting pot, especially in award-winning master-planned communities such as Lakewood Ranch and Wellen Park – both of which were highlighted in June by Ideal LIVING Magazine. And, among the younger generation of home buyers and builders, is an emphasis on incorporating eco-friendly features that lower energy costs, increase resale value and create statements.  

According to a survey conducted by Zillow, two-thirds of young adults believe climate change and natural disasters will eventually impact their communities. And when deciding to purchase or build a home, buyers are factoring in their ecological footprint, including everything from hurricane shutters to solar panels, smart sprinkler systems to smart lighting. In a world with high inflation, incorporating these features, according to Zillow, can help a home sell days faster than expected. Check out our December blog post to learn more about how our experienced team – and the home building industry as a whole – has, for years, factored in energy efficient technology.  

A fondness for ‘natural’ is never going away

Solstice Living AreaWe all crave to be close with nature, whether relaxing on the lanai or selecting a homesite location that nestles the Gulf of Mexico, a serene lake or hardwood preserve. Our bond with the outdoors will certainly continue for years and influence what buyers desire when designing a custom home.  

Just walk through the Solstice – our forward-thinking take on modern ranch style architecture in Star Farms – and you’ll notice disappearing glass doors that seamlessly join outdoor living spaces with the dining area and woods and stone features that compliment bathroom amenities, the entryway and throughout this floor plan. From expansive glass panes to elements derived from the outdoors, this connection with nature will be a trend that carries on in Florida.