Saviano Custom Built Home Exterior

Building a home but unsure how to begin?

Here are key questions you’ll need answered.

Florida’s housing market is flourishing – and that’s no secret on the Suncoast! Sarasota, just a few months ago, was named the ‘best place to retire’ by U.S. News and World Report in an analysis of 150 metro areas.

That demand certainly applies to Lee Wetherington Homes, as we’re nearly sold out of homesites in the Founders Club and LakeHouse Cove at Waterside! But during this real estate boom there are plenty of important questions to ask your home builder – whether it’s Lee Wetherington Homes or another architectural firm. Here are a few key points to consider, from roughly 47 years of experience, if you’re constructing a fully customizable dream home on your own lot or selecting from several designs in a subdivision.

Your builder’s reputation matters

Customers should recognize how long a firm has been in continuous operation. Some home builders disappear – along with their warranty department – when the housing market stalls and during an uptick, like we’re currently experiencing, float back into the industry. It’s also worth researching if the firm is active and in good standing with your local builders association.

Lee Wetherington Homes, for instance, has provided expertise since 1974 and we’re involved with the Manatee-Sarasota Building Industry Association. The community’s recognition for quality aids the customer’s vetting process, too. We recently won seven awards for our showcased models, the Magnolia at Cypress Glen at River Wilderness and the Mainstay in LakeHouse Cove, during the annual 2021 Parade of Homes.

How much customization does your builder allow?

Most production home builders don’t permit customization for their designs, offering pre-planned options to reconfigure space such as a bathroom or kitchen. There’s no deviation beyond an already established option.

Lee Wetherington Homes, however, allows modifications to any area within the residence. That hinges on the building code, architectural standards for the community and costs agreed upon by the customer. This applies to our home designs in Cypress Glen, located in Parrish, and the Islands on the Manatee River – both of which are currently available for you.

Settle for less or design your dream home? We know the answer!

It’s important to ask about customizations for a home builder’s designs because it helps the client determine if they’re receiving what they desired or ultimately settling for a comparable alternative. If a customer is investing a significant amount of hard-earned money, with the intention of living in the home for many years, why not have it all? It’s an option only found by working with a custom home builder.

Lee Wetherington Homes, via its in-house architectural and drafting department, can modify plans to fall in line with your vision for a dream home. We can even build from the ground up on land you already own – from Venice or Myakka City to Sarasota and Bradenton.

What additional fees and warranties are included with your new build?

Lee Wetherington Homes in particular, doesn’t charge for design alterations on building layouts. However, the cost increase to build the home is based on changes during the design phase. We encourage our clients to make all their alterations before the contract begins and engineering commences. Changes, after that, become expensive and cause delays.

Home warranties can cover everything from electrical systems to plumbing and equipment. Lee Wetherington Homes offers a two-year home warranty. Items within the builds, like appliances, can sometimes yield as high as a five-year warranty.