Air Purifier in a Custom Home Build
Air Purifier in a Custom Home Build

Clearing the air: Why installing a purifier in your new home is worth the investment.

Comfort and air quality go hand-in-hand when you’re deciding to build a custom home. What you breathe in throughout the day, whether you’re sitting at the kitchen island or relaxing in your private primary bedroom, should be clean – and that’s evident as the world continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Air purifiers, which our team at Lee Wetherington Homes highly recommends, are a fully automated, effective solution for eliminating everything from odors to pathogens within any room across your new build.

ActivePure, a NASA-inspired air filtration system that was originally used for space exploration, is just one of many technologies currently available to protect your home from contaminants! In fact, Lee Wetherington Homes is clearing the air by offering these revolutionary units among the unlimited, contemporary features our customers can include throughout their floor plans. ActivePure, which continuously reduces contaminants in the air and on surfaces by up to 99.9%, was even installed in large indoor venues like the State Fair of Texas and the Palm Beach Convention Center!

But, aside from statistics, what are the personal benefits? There are a multitude of ways in which this technology is taking comfort to a new level.

Taking aim at asthma and mold

Household air purifiers, in general, contain HEPA filters that can capture pollutants like dander, pollen and dust mites known for causing irritation with each breath. And, when you don’t have time to vacuum regularly, these systems certainly help keep optimal air quality.

Add mold and fungi to that list as well. ActivePure’s technology, for instance, neutralizes these particles, which are of the same category as Athlete’s Foot and MRSA, by placing oxidizers in the air.

Rest easy with improved sleep

A lack of sleep makes for a longer day, as drowsiness sets in and staying awake becomes increasingly difficult during what would be your most productive hours. Eliminating or reducing bacteria, mold, and fungi – anything that can keep you up at night – with an air purifier creates a more relaxing experience during those quiet hours in your primary bedroom.

These contaminants cause everything from sneezing to coughing, which disrupt sleep and may even lead to allergy flair ups.

Parting with pathogens

Air purification systems are becoming increasingly popular in both businesses and homes nationwide. In the case of ActivePure, this technology was scaled to meet the needs of everyday people maneuvering through the pandemic and common viruses.

Several ActivePure systems previously underwent tests in BSL-3 and -4 laboratories that study life-threatening diseases and the world’s most deadly pathogens. This technology, in particular, inactivated the virus that causes COVID-19 in just three minutes.

The system, originally developed to ensure the safety of astronauts by utilizing virus-neutralizing particles, is available to you. Settle into your custom home, designed and built by our team, knowing you’re taking in the cleanest air!