San Mateo Hallway Custom Build Children's Study
Children across Sarasota and Manatee counties are heading back to school. Here is how you can help them by creating study and play spaces...

Create the ultimate study and play space this school year with these innovative design ideas

As summer ends, you’ve likely begun those highly anticipated shopping trips in search of back-to-school supplies for your kids. Children across Sarasota and Manatee counties are starting the school year on Aug. 10, and nights of homework are coming to a table near you. The many parents on our Lee Wetherington Homes team – just like you’ve come to understand in your own family – know this month is a big deal.

Whether you have a child entering kindergarten or beginning their journey through high school, preparing your spectacular custom home for the impending school year is undoubtedly important. From hallway desks to bright color palates, there are a multitude of hot design trends available for fostering learning at home that, in turn, can boost performance in the classroom. Whatever your budget may be, these creative projects and products are geared toward helping your child focus – and perfectly fit the style of your living spaces!

Kid-centric rooms for creativity

Play spaces, specifically designed for young children, are the birthplaces of creativity. It’s where imaginations run wild – just like the feeling a customer experiences when designing a truly incomparable home with our team.

In fact, a thoughtfully designed kid-centric space may help provide children a head start both academically and developmentally, Sherwin-Williams noted during a recent interview with design experts. Bright and distinct wall colors, like various shades of aquamarine, teal, orange and gold, are an essential element of these minimalistic, playful environments. On the opposite end of the spectrum, maximalism – a blend of prints, patterns and accents – is growing in popularity and can add a fun twist to any play area!  

A focus on built-in storage

The space where your child has chosen to study, whether it’s the bonus room, home office or their own room, should be free of distractions. Floating desks provide both an aesthetically pleasing contemporary feel and promote cleanliness. Affixed to the wall, these desks are designed to clear your floor of clutter and allow for more legroom.

Built-in wall storage also does away with the hassle of purchasing organizer bins of various sizes, which can be a distraction and take up valuable space. Add doors to your new cubby areas to prevent items from falling to the floor – or catching your child’s eye while attempting to focus.

Hallways with homework in mind

Have a broad hallway? Get innovative, just like your kids!

Large hallways can transform into modern study spaces with ample room for stylish desks – especially if your beautiful home has a nook, similar to our San Mateo floor plan. Consider a bold and bright accent wall for this area of your home and soft overhead lighting that not only creates a relaxing environment but encourages optimal focus for every school project.

Exciting additions for any room

Play areas and study corners not only provide privacy but a level of comfort. Beanbag seating is the perfect addition to any room, serving as a relaxing alternative when hard desk chairs become cramped. Plush, geometrically shaped benches both brighten rooms and bolster creativity in play spaces as well.

And using chalk isn’t limited to blank driveways and boards at school. A chalkboard wall is an ingenious way to create to-do lists, solve math problems, draw, and offer an interactive learning experience for all ages. This school year, invest in your home – and your kids!