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Testimonials After Hurricane Irma

Sarasota, Florida Realtor Laurie Fox

While Florida is known for sunny skies and beautiful weather, we aren’t strangers to the occasional hurricane. With strong winds and massive rain, it takes a high-quality home to stand up to a powerful hurricane.

At Lee Wetherington Homes, we know our houses are built to withstand even the worst storms. In fact, after Hurricane Irma, we heard from a number of individual about how wonderful their experience was weathering the storm in a Lee Wetherington-built home.

I mean this literally, even during the WORST of the winds at midnight or so, you literally COULD NOT even hear the wind outside.  It was also great because during the day when still light out, you could watch everything blowing around outside. What an experience. You guys build a hell of a home!!

-Matt R.

We even heard from a local realtor about how much she loves the quality of Lee Wetherington homes.

For the past 12 years I always try to sell your homes first! I always give clients a speech about quality being more important than anything else! I have received at least 15 emails and phone calls telling me they felt so secure knowing you had built their home!!! My one client’s father has MS and we paid $15,000 more for a resale because I insisted on having one of your homes!! You Rock!!!

-Laurie Fox

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