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Five Home Improvement Tips You’ll Want To Tackle This Summer

Florida’s summer heat and sunny weather is here to stay! And there’s no need to sweat – May is the perfect month to take on those improvement projects around your house and yard or even start shopping for the home of your dreams on the Suncoast. Through roughly 47 years of quality home building expertise, Lee Wetherington Homes has what you need to make this summer the best yet!

Lee Wetherington Homes can build the spectacular custom home that uniquely incorporates all the details you desire, whether that’s from the ground up on your own property anywhere across the Sarasota-Manatee region or within the many fine communities in which we’re the trusted and preferred builder. That includes our award-winning, luxurious builds readily available for you in Parrish at Cypress Glen at River Wilderness and The Islands on the Manatee River – or on your existing lot wherever you’re located. And if you’re just looking for a few tips to keep your home looking brand new on the block, whether it was constructed by Lee Wetherington Homes or another home builder, we can certainly help with these five thoughtful improvement projects!

Spruce up your lanai, and enhance your outdoor lifestyle

Your lanai or deck is arguably the epicenter for outdoor entertaining in the summer – really, most months in Florida. Those wooden planks and screened enclosures build up grime, mold and more from frequent use and the elements.

It’s an ideal time to pressure wash your deck and screens, hammer down any loose nails or apply additional stain. And, if you’re looking to build with Lee Wetherington Homes, consider enhancing the outdoor fun your new, beautiful home can offer! Through decades of experience, LeeSure Water Pools uses the highest-quality materials and cutting-edge designs to construct custom pools that perfectly fit the desired look and feel on your homesite.

Luckily for you, it’s the perfect time to landscape

Ready for a weekend project? Increase the curb appeal of your property by landscaping the front yard. It’s a simple option for giving your property a quick, fresh look without painting, renovations or heavy-duty home improvement.

Dig in and add a few hedges, carve a path of vibrant flowers along your walkway and find a weather-resistant planter to best fit your porch.

Pressure wash your home’s exterior

Pressure washing a home can be a do-it-yourself job or left up to the professionals. Regardless, it’s a necessary step to keep your home’s outside appearance fresh and free from mud, mildew and more accumulating on areas like eaves and exterior walls.

Like landscaping, this improvement project increases curb appeal. However, pressure washing your home can cause damage if done incorrectly. Experience certainly alleviates that risk.

Keep your home consistently cool

A well-functioning air conditioning unit is crucial for your home amid the summer heat in Florida. Foliage – everything from moss to leaves and branches – obstructing the condenser causes your electric bill to rise like the temperature.

Trim back hedges and additional plants within the immediate area. and sweep out the foliage inside the unit to keep your home consistently cool.

Uncover your garage’s hidden spaces

Tap into the potential storage space in your garage by ridding yourself of the extra and unused belongings that you forgot existed. Devise a plan for the potential look and layout of the area, whether you’d like a workspace for tools or simply need to clean and free up more space for your vehicles.

Vertical space is the perfect place for lawncare and recreational equipment, ladders, bicycle racks and extra shelving. Free-standing cabinets are a popular choice among homeowners looking to utilize more area within the garage.