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Five Valentine’s Day Activities You’ll Love to Do at Home

Valentine's Day Tips from Lee Wetherington HomesThere’s nothing that we “love” more than spending time with our loved ones. We’ve learned that meaningful memories can be made at home with a little creativity (and the open floorplans of a Lee Wetherington Home). That’s why this year we are skipping the usual dinner reservations to create more personalized plans at home for Valentine’s Day. We invite you to join in and try one of these five romantic experiences for the upcoming holiday! Cook a creative concoction Our floorplans, like the Mainstay, are adorned with well-appointed kitchens perfect for adding some new flavor and fun to this traditional meal. Try recreating your “first date” or “wedding” meal. Or for those competitive couples, try a bakeoff and have friends or family judge. Another unique idea is to host a themed dinner and invite guests to attend as famous couples throughout history. Light up the night Picture this – gorgeous sunsets, bay breezes and twinkling lights in the sky. Accentuate this dreamy visual by decorating your patio or pool with lights for a glowing reception. Turn on some music and dance in the moonlight for a romantic date night. Make magic at the movies A Lee Wetherington Home has a versatile layout providing different opportunities to enjoy a cinematic experience. Pick a romantic film or just one of your favorites to project outside or in your car like a drive-in for your own personal movie theater. Don’t forget to bring the popcorn! Adventure the great indoors Bring outdoor adventures inside for a cozy night. Set up a tent for two or build a pillow fort to embrace your inner explorer. Take it to the next level by pretending the electricity is out and using flashlights to navigate. Go on a scavenger hunt for items of romantic value and celebrate with smores over your patio firepit. Set up a serene spa night Lee Wetherington models, such as the Magnolia, feature luxurious primary bedrooms and elevated bathroom spaces excellent for relaxation. Enhance your bedroom with amenities like folded swan towels, aromatherapy and flower petals for a romantic retreat. Tie some eucalyptus around your shower head or gift your Valentine with new suds to soak in. Share with us on social if you try one of these “holidates” and remember to visit a sampling of our Inspiration Homes, the Mainstay and Magnolia, in the 2021 Parade of Homes in Manatee and Sarasota Counties Feb. 20 through March 14.