Gregg Carlson Participates in SMC Panel on Selling New-Construction Homes

Gregg Carlson Participates in SMC Panel on Selling New-Construction Homes

At a recent Manatee-Sarasota Building Industry Association Sales and Marketing Council Realtor Breakfast, Lee Wetherington Homes’ CEO Gregg Carlson joined four other distinguished real estate professionals for an interactive panel discussion about the process of selling new-construction homes.

Why New Construction?

The discussion began with the simple, yet timeless question of “What makes selling new construction easier than selling used?” Mr. Carlson highlighted the four primary reasons why smart homebuyers choose new-construction homes from Lee Wetherington Homes.

First, the homes come with a New Home Warranty. Second, they are designed to be more energy efficient. Third, they are built to withstand the impact of higher winds. And fourth, they are less costly to insure because they are built to the most recent building codes.

Building an On-Your-Lot Home

When asked about building an On-Your-Lot home versus building in a master planned community, Mr. Carlson discussed the benefits and challenges of each kind of project. What stood out most is the number of factors that can impact the process and cost of an On-Your-Lot home.

While an HOA’s architectural guidelines or local governmental restrictions may influence the size, type or aesthetic of the home, the need to demolish the current home, lay substantial amounts of fill to bring the building pad to proper grade, or the need to perform soil testing can influence the cost.

Gregg Carlson On The SMC New Construction Panel.

Lee Wetherington Loves Working with Realtors

The panelists also discussed the process of working with Realtors and the different paperwork involved when buying a new-construction home. At Lee Wetherington Homes, Mr. Carlson mentioned there is a proprietary purchase agreement used for each sale, and that the onsite sales professionals do all of the paperwork.

“Our sales professionals handle all of the document preparation for the sale,” Mr. Carlson stated. “The Realtor only needs to bring us their client and we do the rest.”

As far as how that process goes, Mr. Carlson said, “The best Realtors bring us their client and then allow our sales professional to work through the discovery questions so they can narrow the conversation to what the client is looking for and how we can do the best job of helping them realize their goal.”

The Final Product

In closing, Mr. Carlson spoke on Lee Wetherington Homes’ reputation for building and delivering homes that are complete, clean, and meet or exceed model quality when delivered to the client.

Though contrary to the practices of some of the panelists, Lee Wetherington’s policy is to deliver all homes 100% completed to the buyer’s satisfaction before closing. This ensures that everything the homebuyer wants is ready on the day they move in, so there is no need for ongoing construction activity after the residents are living in the home.

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