Fireplace with Christmas Lights in a Custom Home Build

Heat up the Holidays With Four Design Trends That Create Inviting Fireplaces

Christmas is right around the corner, and Florida is already experiencing cooler weather. That means indoor and outdoor fireplaces are becoming a hot commodity again, creating an inviting space ideal for entertaining family and friends while providing plenty of warmth. These features not only add unique charm to great rooms and backyard patios but are synonymous with special Christmas memories and conversations with company that carry into the night – before Santa Claus drops down the chimney, of course.

Now fireplaces can burn in a variety of ways, such as wood, gas or electric, and are available in an array of popular styles and sizes. Our team at Lee Wetherington Homes often sees homebuyers select electric fireplaces, offered in a range of colors and options for no heat, to enhance their custom builds.

The festivities are forged at your fireplace, whether it’s located indoors, outside or both! And, as you’re digging out boxes of decorations from the garage, there are plenty of eye-catching design trends to keep in mind for spicing up your space. Meaningful moments happen fireside – and you can create the perfect gathering place that mirrors your Christmas spirit!

Festive features for the mantle

The mantle is a centerpiece for your home’s indoor fireplace, aside from dancing flames and an occasional crackle from burning pine sap. There are hundreds of simple design options for this flat surface – and they won’t conflict with a flatscreen TV, if it’s mounted just a few inches above this space. Many of these designs can match the decorations on your Christmas tree, offering a cohesive look.

Fresh evergreen branches, wreaths and garlands create a natural appearance. Mix in citrus fruits that serve as accents and emit fresh fragrances. Small light strings, winding between clear vases, branches and pinecones, also create a cozy look and feel.

Shine light on outdoor entertainment options

Believe it or not, your outdoor living space can feature a festive look year-round – for Christmas and beyond – with minimal effort needed. Festoon lighting, strings of big globular bulbs available in an array of styles and colors, is popular because it provides dim light that gives any lanai, patio or deck a bold and inviting appearance.

White light, which is a common option for these strings, gives a little seasonal flare over your fireplace or pit that doesn’t fall out of style after the holidays. Festoon lighting, typically, has industrial qualities for weathering the elements – and you’ve probably seen this option overhead at various outdoor events.

Aesthetic elements that make an impact

Aside from lights, ornaments and evergreen branches, there are larger, aesthetically pleasing elements you can add that will even convince Santa to stay a while. A window perched on the mantle can create a farmhouse feel near your Christmas tree – and a garland, attached to its wooden frame, certainly makes a welcoming statement.

Mantle artwork in a variety of sizes compliments holiday decorations as well. And creative messages on stocking hooks, like “joy,” “peace” or whatever word best fits your personality, can tie a bow on your decorative design.

Warm up to outdoor storage

Vertical storage, placed on either side of a fireplace’s chimney or near a pit, can add a warm feel to outdoor seating capabilities. These metal frames, which perfectly stack logs of all sizes, are relatively less expensive compared to outdoor furniture, coffee tables and other entertainment enhancements.

Add storage to house enamelware for hot chocolate or coffee – ideal for lounging on cool nights with friends and family over the holidays!