Gregg Carlson Participates in SMC Panel on Selling New-Construction Homes

Lee Wetherington Homes CEO Advises Realtors on Selling New Construction

Gregg Carlson, the CEO of Lee Wetherington Homes, was featured on a panel discussion with the Sales and Marketing Council of the Manatee-Sarasota Building Industry Association (MSBIA). The panel gave Realtors tips on how they can sell new homes in the area and why buying a new home is better than a resale.

Mr. Carlson shared many insights with the audience, which was predominantly Realtors. Here are the most important points that were discussed.

Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

What separates new homes from the resale market is the buyer’s ability to build the home of their dreams. With a custom or semi-custom builder like Lee Wetherington Homes, floor plans can be tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.

“The only constraints are lot size, building envelope and budget,” said Mr. Carlson. “New construction homes enable the buyer to choose the features, finishes and all of the colors that they want. You can’t do that with an existing home.”

New homes are also built to more stringent codes, providing greater durability and better energy-efficiency, which lowers the cost of insurance, maintenance and utility bills.

Intricacies of On-Your-Lot Sales

Building a home on an already-owned lot can be the best way to get both a preferred location and a new home that matches the owner’s needs and desires, Mr. Carlson said.

Lee Wetherington Homes is experienced with custom-homes homebuilding, Mr. Carlson said. Their extensive experience navigating the permitting and approval process, and having an in-house architectural and drafting department that can build a custom home or modify an existing floor plan to perfectly suit the owner’s needs reduces the stress level and the construction time for an custom-homes home.

It’s Easy For Realtors To Sell New Homes

When working with Lee Wetherington Homes, all that Realtors have to do is arrive with their client on the first visit or register their client in advance. The Wetherington sales team works as a partner with the Realtor to ensure their client gets the home that’s right for them.

“You, as the Realtor, can bring us your client and relax while we do all the work to secure the deal,” said Mr. Carlson. “We will do the heavy lifting to make the best deal for all parties.”

Another benefit of working with Lee Wetherington Homes is that we do all construction on permanent financing. That means that you don’t have to wait until the home is complete and closes to be compensated. Instead, you’ll receive your commission as soon as your client closes on their financing.

Get Started Selling New Construction Homes

Now that you know how to sell new construction homes, it’s time to do it. Contact us to learn more about the quality new construction homes that we can build for your clients.