Need a Staycation? Turn Your Outdoor Living Area into a Retreat with These Design Tips

Need a Staycation? Turn Your Outdoor Living Area into a Retreat with These Design Tips

Imagine closing your eyes and relaxing in a chaise lounge, the sound of cool water moving beneath your feet. Picture taking the first sip of an exceptional cocktail in a peaceful, secluded space surrounded by beautifully tall vines and thoughtfully placed tropical plants. Envision a dining experience, only illuminated by candlelight on the table and lanterns in the trees. No, this isn’t setting the scene for a resort getaway with your family – it’s a staycation you can create now, right at home.

Over the past few years, homeowners have realized their custom homes’ outdoor living capabilities are endless. In fact, 80% of Americans say these spaces are more valuable than ever, according to a 2023 International Casual Furnishings Association survey. Several days spent relaxing in the backyard or on the lanai can truly evoke the experience of a resort-style vacation, without ever having to leave your incomparable custom home. Here are three design tips for transforming your outdoor living area into a breathtaking retreat, where you’ll always feel pampered.

Soft Lighting for a Sense of Serenity

An evening under the stars – and soft lights – makes for a stellar dining experience. Outdoor lighting designs can emit a low glow that creates an atmosphere for relaxation. Pair it with your favorite dish and fine wine, and you’ve crafted a tranquil, resort-style dinner setting.

Hanging lanterns, suspended from your pergola or mossy oak trees, give off an enchanting ambiance. Spotlights, pointed upward at the tree branches, can also produce a breathtaking backdrop. Installed on the walls leading to your backyard, downcast lighting makes for a dramatic journey to your irresistible outdoor dining arrangement.

Firepits and Water Features That Exude Exclusivity

Water and flames add a spark of sophistication to your one-of-a-kind retreat experience, similar to what you’d find at an exquisite restaurant or resort with indoor-outdoor entertainment spaces. Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are natural gathering places, whether for warmth in the winter, sharing a drink or a conversation among family. And, according to recent findings from Extra Space Storage, most homeowners recoup an estimated 78% of the costs associated with building a fire pit – especially one that incorporates natural gas lines.

Couple the high-end appearance of a fire pit with nearby water features for a truly exclusive feel to your outdoor living escape. If you’re currently in the process of designing and building a custom home with an expansive pool, consider incorporating ornamental fountains, water bowls, cascades, or deck jets to create a space that exudes comfort both in looks and sounds. Take a tour of the Solstice model – Lee Wetherington Homes’ take on modern ranch-style architecture – to see how our team harmoniously blended fire and water into a formidable outdoor living.

Resort-Style Accents Across Your Space

Invest in stylish outdoor furniture you’d find around the patio of any high-end hotel or beach retreat pool. Chaise loungers are available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials built for comfort – and these pieces are the perfect addition to your pool’s sun deck. Investing in a durable outdoor daybed not only provides an extra seating option for ultimate relaxation but fits well with whatever resort-style design you’re aiming to achieve. Add to the look and feel of your retreat by selecting soft outdoor pillows and an umbrella that matches your desired color palette.

Placed against fences or your home’s exterior walls, wooden trellises that feature climbing plants or bamboo intertwine privacy, shade, and natural elements. Now, it’s time to sit back and enjoy a slice of paradise that is truly all your own!