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Leaving Florida?

Remember these four tips when securing your seasonal home

For decades, Florida has remained an attractive landing spot for snowbirds – northerners who migrate to southern states to escape harsh winter weather. All it takes is a Google search to notice the Suncoast typically ranks as a top destination for our welcomed seasonal residents, who have come to love the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, world-renowned beaches and more! And, if you’re one of these lucky snowbirds who own a spectacular home in this slice of paradise, you’re probably preparing to pack up for the summer and head north – if you haven’t left already.

Our experienced team at Lee Wetherington Homes knows it’s quite a responsibility to take care of a home, especially one you live in six months or less out of the year. The steps you check off when closing up your home should give you peace of mind while you’re away. And there are plenty of preventative measures we recommend for protecting your plumbing, providing state-of-the-art security, preventing hurricane damage and more!

Get ahead of hurricane season

It’s imperative to pack up the entertainment amenities outside your home, especially as hurricane season approaches and high winds loom on the horizon. Garages are the perfect home for large pieces of patio furniture, such as sofas, dining sets and end tables, while you’re away. And, if you’ve incorporated any of the innovative storage solutions mentioned our April 2021 blog post, you’ll likely have extra space to safely store even the smallest items.  

Hurricane-rated garage doors and shutters are also a worthwhile investment wherever you live on the Suncoast – inland or near the water. Shutters, in particular, can protect against sunlight that heats up your home and add an extra layer of security, preventing visitors from peeking in windows.

Prevent any plumbing issues

Many potential plumbing issues can be avoided by cutting off water access. Follow this up by disabling the heat element on the water heater. Some units include a “vacation mode” feature that allows the boiler to run at a below normal temperature as an energy-saving measure.

Get rid of excess water in your pipes by opening faucets, flushing toilets and draining outdoor hoses. If you have a pool, schedule a time to have it professionally serviced.

Enable airflow in every room

Nobody wants a high electric bill, especially when you’re not home. Many people opt to leave their HVAC systems operating at a comfortable temperature while they’re away, which is why it’s smart to schedule a checkup for your units to ensure proper functionality. The same can be said for your dehumidifier since this is a useful tool to prevent mold growth during those hot summer days.

Open any doors – dishwashers, closets, cupboards, bathrooms, hallways and more – to maintain circulation, enable airflow in the tightest spaces and get the most out of your HVAC system. Don’t forget to throw in a fresh air filter prior to pulling out of the driveway!

Install security that’s always on guard

Your home’s security is no longer limited to a traditional alarm system. Smart technology has become an easy-to-install, safe solution that can capture HD-quality videos and images of any person within range on your property. You probably have friends or family that use these systems, including Ring and Google Nest, which can be monitored via smartphone apps.

A myriad of security options are now on the market, ranging from motion-triggered lighting to glass break sensors – all designed to leave you relaxed, knowing that  your home is protected while you are away from paradise!