Gold Christmas Tree Ornaments

Maximize your home’s square footage after the holidays with these strategic storage tips

You probably spent hours decorating your beautiful property for the holidays – wreaths, luminous light strings and garland abound. But it’s time to pack up the festive ornaments that brought so much joy during gatherings within your home’s welcoming spaces. Now this involves a game of Tetris, as you try to fit boxes and plastic bins back in closets, the attic or garage.

Your home’s available square footage comes at a premium, which is why having high quality storage options is so important. Maximizing space throughout your floor plan, however, requires a little strategy. Just explore the custom builds our talented Lee Wetherington Homes team has created for a few innovative ideas!

There are plenty of trendy storage tactics you can implement now, whether you’re preparing to put away decorations or simply need additional space for everyday items. And many of these stylish solutions not only blend in seamlessly with the look and feel of your home, but they don’t break the bank!

Storage bags built for décor

Keeping your Christmas decorations all in one location within your home helps saves time, whether you’re starting to decorate or are packing away these festive items. Flexible fabric and plastic storage boxes, specifically designed with pockets that hold everything from colored lights to artificial wreaths, are the best ways you can minimize space.

Even your oldest ornaments, in particular, are secured in these bags as each decoration has its own space on stackable trays of square slots. Many of these containers hold more than 100 ornaments, making it possible to store all your tree decorations in a single bag!

Strategically organize with furnishings

Storage options can mix perfectly with the overall style of your home, whether your goal is to rid entertainment areas of clutter or you need a viable spot to stockpile decorations. High quality furnishings are often built with organizational capabilities in mind – and have practical designs for seating and leisure.

Mudroom benches, fashioned with sturdy metal hooks to hold bags, coats and umbrellas of all sizes, are an ultimate solution that add an inviting feel to any entryway. These pieces include a deep space underneath the flip-top seat for housing boxes and various items. Bedframes with built-in shelves are also a smart and stylish way to organize rooms, as many designs allot more than 20 feet for spacious cubby holes at floor-level!

Garage space that saves square feet

Your garage is the go-to storage location for everything from outdoor holiday decorations to tools and lawn equipment. Square footage is valuable in this space, regardless of how many cars can be parked at any given time. That means items should be stored vertically with shelving units and tall, closed cabinets.

A tracked system, attached to studs within the wall, allows heavier objects to be fastened securely. Hooks and shelves can be affixed in any arrangement that suits your needs. You can even place large, stackable plastic bins, which are perfect for seasonal decorations, on these shelving units!