Turnberry Model home Outdoor Kitchen Design for Florida’s Year-Round ‘Grilling Season’

Three Outdoor Kitchen Design Trends for Florida’s Year-Round ‘Grilling Season’

There is truly nothing like a soft breeze, blue sky, the sounds of a small wake in the pool and distinct aromas wafting from the grill. For Floridians, “grilling season” – the ideal, warm climate for cooking outdoors – is a year-round tradition and factored into many custom homes built along the Suncoast. In fact, not only are outdoor kitchens an added entertainment feature but a potential selling point, if and when you decide to place your home on the market. Nationally, homeowners can see a 100% to 200% return on investment by incorporating these spaces, according to Absolute Outdoor Kitchens.

Whether you’re spending an evening with family or hosting a large party in the afternoon, outdoor kitchens have transformed over the years to include a wide range of living capabilities – especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. From pizza ovens to deli refrigerators, large islands to bar seating, there are many amenities available to complement your custom home’s grilling station. Here are three design trends for creating an outdoor kitchen setup, perfect for any time of year.

Seamless Indoor and Outdoor Living

More than half of Americans are still in favor of open floor plans. And there are numerous benefits that come with a custom home that easily flows, from natural light extending further into rooms to feeling like you’re experiencing a home with a modern feel and more square footage. With these multifunctional spaces, your connection to the outdoors also increases.

Expansive disappearing glass doors, typically separating a great room, dining area, bonus room or kitchen from the outdoor living area, are extremely popular in custom homebuilding. Large panes slide seamlessly out of the way, opening up these indoor spaces to outdoor entertainment – like a contemporary-styled outdoor kitchen – and effortlessly promote togetherness with friends and family. For excellent examples of these open concepts that our team at Lee Wetherington Homes has designed, take a tour of the now-open Solstice model in Star Farms at Lakewood Ranch or explore our photos of the Windsong and Turnberry.

Windsong Model home Outdoor Kitchen Design for Florida’s Year-Round Grilling Season

The Rise of Pizza Ovens

Built-in pizza ovens are quickly rising to be a favorite among homeowners looking to elevate their outdoor kitchen experience. In fact, at Lee Wetherington Homes, our buyers have inquired about incorporating these ovens into their outdoor amenities. They’re a fantastic, fun way to cook not only pizza, but meats, bread and desserts. Pizza ovens can also boost your home’s sale price.

Insider reported in May that Zillow looked at nearly two million home sales throughout 2022 and found listings that mentioned pizza ovens brought in a 3.7% sale premium, compared to similar homes without these features. There is a wide array of pizza oven styles which burn various sources of fuel, ranging from wood to charcoal and gas. Home cooking is increasing the demand for pizza ovens exponentially, with some expectations being that the market will grow to over $3 billion by 2031.

A Balance of Utility and Entertainment

Outdoor kitchens no longer solely feature a simple countertop and grill. Just like your indoor kitchen, these spaces are now designed for ample seating, socializing, meal prep and cooking. A large bar-height island, positioned directly in front of the grill or smoker, allows for guests to interact with the chef, and creates the perfect area for mixing cocktails or relaxation. Add a sofa sectional or dining table set, and you now have a welcoming atmosphere that gets everyone involved in the moment.

Technology plays a key role in creating an innovative space, too. Griddles, installed on an island or located over any countertop, are a great way to cook pancakes for an outdoor brunch or quesadillas as a dinner favorite. Deli refrigerators provide generous space for cold storing beverages and food, and stainless-steel bars with sinks and ice bin coolers can provide the perfect place for readily available garnishes, mixers and more. On the Suncoast, you can truly unlock your outdoor kitchen’s full potential!

Model home Outdoor Kitchen Design for Florida’s Year-Round Grilling Season