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Top 2021 Interior Design Trends to Elevate Your Home

2021 Interior Design TrendsThis year, we gained a new perspective on what defines a “living” space in homes. As bedrooms became offices and living rooms became personal gyms, we learned that home design and decor is essential to comfort and creativity. This new year presents an opportunity to build on that deeper appreciation for functional design and to explore new trends for elevated living in 2021. Here are six interior design trends predicted for this year: 
  • Nods to Nostalgia
    • In a time of the unexpected, homeowners can find security in decor that leverages nostalgia. The emergence of styles like “grandmillennialism” highlights the popularity of marrying childhood memories with modern aspirations. Little details like florals and velvet can create a cozy atmosphere for productivity. We recommend implementing this in your custom-designed office space.
  • Easy-to-Clean Fabrics and Surfaces
    • Cleanliness and sanitation are also at the forefront of design this year. Designers predict to see an increase in materials like glass and metal to combat concerns like bacteria growth and upkeep. These non-porous surfaces will most likely pop up more in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Calming Blues
    • Homeowners who long to embrace sunlight and natural elements like water will find solace in blue tones. Research shows that powdery blues offer a sense of calming and spirit in the toughest of times. This color is long-lasting and can serve as a timeless transition shade for your living room.
  • Earthy and Warm Tones
    • Zen is the buzzword of 2021 interior design. Neutral tones present functionality and comfort in any modern home. A new paint job or couch furnishings are sure to enhance the coziness of your living space.
  • Natural Materials
    • Another layer of “Zen” decor is the use of natural materials such as wood and greenery in living spaces. Rattan furniture and plants are the predicted staples to connect homeowners with natural elements this year. These elements next to gorgeous sunrooms and waterside views often found in Lee Wetherington Homes sound delightful.
  • Sustainable furnishings
    • Community is a value that ties us together at Lee Wetherington, and it’s anticipated to do the same for interior furnishings. Homeowners plan to bring local goods and refurbished products into their living spaces in order to connect more with their environment and community. Sustainable furniture and decor also work well to tie together the nostalgic and Zen trends forecasted previously.
Whether you’re aiming to feel more relaxed or productive, remember that Lee Wetherington Homes are exceptionally designed with customizable floorplans and structural features to meet your each and every need. These forecasted trends are anticipated to elevate your lifestyle for what this year may hold. For more ideas, check out these articles: