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We’re Taking Precautions In Our Models During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The global pandemic has upended “normal” life throughout the world.  The very contagious virus known as COVID-19 or Coronavirus has altered almost all physical social interactions from dining at our favorite eateries to attending a movie or sporting event. Today “social distancing” is the norm and we have to be ever conscious of touching anything that may carry the virus. The homebuilding industry and our company are fortunate to be labeled “essential businesses” and thus are able to remain open today.  However, we accept the responsibility of protecting our clients, guests and associates during this challenging time. Some of the steps we are taking to mitigate the threat include:

• Throughout the day and after every model tour, we wipe off all surfaces with a disinfectant that might have been touched by a previous guest. The medical experts say the virus can survive for a longer period of time on hard surfaces. These surfaces include door handles, countertops, sink faucets, writing pens and appliance handles to name a few.

• In addition to providing a clean, safe environment, we are also respectful of social sensitivities that many may prefer by setting up private appointments with our sales consultants. During these pre-arranged appointments, the model is locked to other guests until the appointment is over so that our guest can feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Call the model center of your choice to setup an appointment

We know the threat from the COVID-19 virus will diminish but the lessons we are learning about cleanliness and how to mitigate the threat may well become part of our daily regiment.  At Lee Wetherington Homes we will continue to do all we can to protect and support all of our associates, clients and guests.  
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