Where Style Shines: Three Lighting Concepts That Create Dynamic Living Spaces

Private, spacious studies adorned with broad glass barn doors, perfect for conducting any business. Sweeping primary suites designed with a blend of dimmed and natural lighting, ideal for seeking serenity away from life’s hectic tendencies. Kitchens that mix breathtaking, conversation-starting fixtures with innovative features – and so much more.

Custom homes have become flexible, functional floor plans. And lighting styles play a key role in creating the ultimate atmosphere within these spaces – from a feeling of seclusion to a welcoming aura. Our team at Lee Wetherington Homes utilizes an array of innovative techniques when designing and building truly incomparable indoor living spaces specific to homebuyers. Here are several lighting ideas to consider, whether you’re constructing a dynamic custom home with us or another firm.

Accent lighting for making a statement

Light can be manipulated to create a spectacular first impression from the moment your guests stroll through the foyer. Accent lighting, which emphasizes features by focusing light directly on the desired area, draws attention to eye-catching artwork, photographs, intricate wall designs and more.  

The soft glow from backlighting spread across a meticulously crafted textured wall in the entryway of the Turnberry – our floor plan that balances timeless elegance with contemporary style – is an excellent example of this implementation. Inset rope lighting, such as what was installed along quartz accent walls in our Mainstay II design at LakeHouse Cove near Waterside Place, also makes an impressive statement.  

Showcasing style with sconces

Wall sconces are considered one of the earliest styles of lighting fixtures, used both in residences and public areas, dating back to the 15th century. However, innovation has phased out candles and ushered in contemporary, energy-efficient bulbs and LED lighting. Modern wall sconces add light to dark corners, long hallways and bathrooms. Not only do these fixtures typically provide lower lumens, compared to other lighting techniques, but can serve as beautiful decor.

Whether you’re aiming for a rustic or contemporary design, wall sconces are created in a variety of shapes and styles. For instance, the Solstice – our forward-thinking take on modern ranch style architecture – uses eight dark, metal sconces in the primary suite’s vestibule with another pair flanking a spacious bed to create a soothing sense of calm.

Pendant fixtures that create conversation

Entertainment spaces, such as large kitchens and dining areas, are designed to let in natural light and encourage meaningful conversations. Pendant lighting – fixtures hanging from the ceiling by aesthetically-pleasing cords, chains or cables – are the ultimate statement pieces that never cause distractions or block views.

Pendant lights are popular over areas such as dining room tables and large kitchen islands. Metal frames shaped into spheres to clear glass and lightweight wooden designs, these fittings compliment the natural light already pouring in – and are a bold enhancement to the look and feel of your home.