Why Our Founder, Lee Wetherington, Designed and Built His Custom Home With Us

Year-round sunshine reflecting off the clear, emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. A rich history of diverse architectural styles. Premier communities and quiet neighborhoods, nestled amid towering oaks and pine trees that exude the iconic feeling of “Old Florida.” It’s no wonder Florida has experienced rapid population growth, particularly on the Suncoast, and why Lee Wetherington moved to Sarasota in 1976, just five years before founding Lee Wetherington Homes.

For Lee and our local company’s team of designers and builders, the over four-decades-long legacy of Lee Wetherington Homes has not only been centered on the homebuying experience but creating incomparable custom homes with impeccable craftsmanship – true retreats that align with singular dreams. What we’ve carefully delivered for years in fine communities and on sweeping properties across Sarasota and Manatee counties recently came to fruition for Lee and his wife, Caroline, in the form of a peaceful 30-acre homestead and exquisite Transitional Modern estate. In this first edition of our three-part blog series, we’re exploring their “why” in designing and building their longtime vision for life into reality with Lee Wetherington Homes.

The ‘Why’ Behind an Eclectic, ‘Old Florida’ Homestead 

Set among breathtaking woodlands, including centuries-old oak trees, and swaths of natural Florida scenery, a ranch complete with a spacious fully custom home has always been an aspiration. Lee intends this original residence to be his last – a special haven, signifying years spent envisioning their distinct lifestyle, where family, the environment and craftsmanship intertwine.

While Lee Wetherington Homes has built thousands of custom homes for discerning buyers since 1981, it’s the first time Lee is designing a Transitional Modern property for himself. Located seven miles away from Lee and Caroline’s previous Modern Mediterranean-styled home in Lakewood Ranch, this residence seamlessly blends sleekness and clean lines with organic elements – and truly aligns with the natural beauty found across every quiet acre. It’s a nod to the homestead’s rich heritage, from swaths of grasslands and towering mossy trees to the organic farm that they’ve already worked hard for several years to build on the property.

Lee not only had the desire to design and build one final address but a sanctuary that mirrored the surroundings of the homestead they’ve thoughtfully created and cherished over time.

How the ‘Right Way’ Became the Right Choice 

The decision to select Lee Wetherington Homes to design and build their dream estate was only natural. Over the years, Lee has heard stories from many customers who all resoundingly say our custom homes “feel different.” Many homebuilders use the same materials and trades but, for Lee Wetherington Homes, the focus is on people, their families and “what could be” – their aspirations for life on the Suncoast. It’s a tailored customer experience that has set us apart and stayed consistent for decades, laying the foundation for a masterpiece that endures, complete with timeless style, impressive durability and innovative features that evoke excitement.

From the start, Lee has believed in building homes “the right way,” and it’s why the vision for a serene homestead was realized with the company he’s still involved with to this day. Just like what thousands of customers have experienced with Lee Wetherington Homes, the project goes beyond an elegant home and immaculate property – it’s a work of art, depicting passion, perfection and the originality of life. For Lee, it was fitting that the company he founded played a role in his endeavor for a unique home, set in this remarkable, personal place.