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How much does a custom home cost to build? Here’s what you need to know.

The wait is over. Finally, you’re ready to begin designing and building an incomparable custom home on the Suncoast. And, whether you’ve recently relocated to Florida from another state or are a longtime resident, there are many details to consider on this journey toward constructing a multi-million-dollar dream into a reality crafted to last a lifetime.

Of course, this process starts with a big question that needs to be answered: How much will your custom home cost? With over 40 years of experience as a local custom homebuilder, our team knows an array of factors are at play in determining a price estimate, including the home’s size, overall quality of construction materials, the property’s location on the Suncoast and more.

The short answer on the cost of an innovative custom home? It depends – and we’re right here to walk you through a few key details to keep in mind when pricing what you’ll soon call “perfection.”

Location, location, location

Pinpointing where you wish to live on the Suncoast comes first, and the design and building process follows. For instance, more than 1,400 homes have been sold this year in Lakewood Ranch – the nation’s fastest-growing multigenerational community – and location likely played an important role in those purchases. Land alone can change the price per square foot of a custom home dramatically, varying from a sought-after area like Lakewood Ranch to waterfront estates on the Gulf of Mexico, homesites West-of-the-Trail in Sarasota or swaths of untouched space east of I-75. A lakefront view in a private community, such as LakeHouse Cove, or property in an amenity-packed neighborhood like Star Farms at Lakewood Ranch, can impact costs.

The quality of your selected property also plays a role in determining construction costs. In general, a homesite may need to be filled, cleared of trees and brush or require a deeper foundation. An experienced local builder – one that prioritizes your needs and is attentive every detail – can transform these aspects of your property into the canvas for true art

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Understand pricing practices

When designing a beautiful custom home, it’s important to fully understand the price per square foot. There are several practices for determining its value, including “air conditioned” square footage and the total cost “under roof.”

In basic terms, the air conditioned square footage is the living area, including the kitchen, various suites, great room – anywhere impacted by your HVAC system. This excludes garages, exterior storage capabilities, attics, duct space and outdoor entertainment areas. Under roof square footage includes all spaces that are covered, like multi-car garages, porches, lanais and more. This may even include detached structures, like a guest suite, which would be included under both price measurements.

Factor in forward-thinking features

Turnberry Bath

High ceilings, like what’s featured throughout the Solstice model. A spacious primary bathroom for discovering peace and quiet, which can be found in the Turnberry. Believe it or not, innovative features and personal touches impact the air conditioned square footage value of your custom home.

Yes, there are obvious additions that can affect the price tag, ranging from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to the size of the kitchen. But wall tile, wood flooring, premium faucets, exquisite fixtures, tall ceilings and more play a role. Your decision to include storm shutters – a valuable feature to have on hand, despite the impeccable quality a Lee Wetherington Home – also matters. On the Suncoast, our team factors in impact glass, which are heavy-duty frames and panes designed to withstand high winds and projectiles, as a standard with each home we create.

Quality craftsmanship has value

Breathtaking curb appeal and incredible resale value come at a cost. Quality contractors, labor and materials undoubtedly increase the price. But what you receive is a timeless custom home that will last a lifetime – and then some.

At Lee Wetherington Homes, we highly recommend conducting thorough research before selecting a custom homebuilder. One of the best barometers of the quality service and attention you’ll experience is via testimonials of past customers, which may include friends and family. Of equal importance is a builder’s reputation in the community. We not only strive to create incomparable art for our customers but give back to people across the Suncoast and serve in leadership roles within our industry.